MUSIQUE / JAZZ - WORLD (page en éternelle construction)

BEN VAN GELDER / saxophone, compositeur / "absolutely current jazz, sprung free rhythmically and harmonically, a luminous, pure personal sound"  / écouter >


DAAHOUD SALIM QUINTET / "An outpouring of energy and spirituality in one of the most promising quintets from the new batch." / écouter >

FAY CLAASSEN / vocalist / "Fay Claassen is to singing what Audrey Hepburn was to the movies: elegant and graceful" / écouter > 

KAJA DRAKSLER / piano, compositrice / "Sa musique, d'une clarté irrésistible oscille entre l'esthétique de l'improvisation européenne et la nouvelle musique" / écouter >

KIKA SPRANGERS / saxophone, compositrice / "Sprangers tells a story like only the greatest jazz promises can" / écouter >

MAARTEN HOGENHUIS / saxophonist, composer / "one of Hollands leading young saxophonists" / écouter >

REDBOURG GROUP / Yuri Rhodenborgh, gitariste & group / 

SANNE HUIJBREGTS / vocalist, vibraphonist, composer / écouter >

SANNE RAMBAGS / vocalist, composer / "Sanne takes you with her, on an emotional journey where she shows the many different personalities of her voice" / écouter >

TINEKE POSTMA / saxophone, compositrice / "A profoundly original musical talent. She brings a whole new lowland European sound into her music..." / écouter >